Why are Ukrainian women so beautiful?


The beauty of Ukrainian females is glorified all over the world. And it is not that in other states ladies are less appealing, but that Ukrainian sweethearts manage to attract men from all over the globe, as it might seem, thanks to some kind of magic.

However, there’s no magic at all. Here are 4 answers to why Ukrainian women are so beautiful.

1. Diverse ancestry

But let’s face it: Ukrainian women are naturally pretty. If they go out without wearing any makeup (which is quite rare), you will still notice how charming and lovely they are without any alterations.

All of that is thanks to their rich gene pool. Among their ancestors are Caucasians, Tatars, Baltic nations and so on.

Even though in traditional Ukrainian songs a belle with dark eyebrows and a long braid is worshiped, no specific type of a Ukrainian beauty is considered to be standard.

Here, you will encounter women with all hair colors and structures – from light blonde and red to dark tinges. The same goes for eyes: in Ukraine, you will meet beautiful ladies with blue, grey, green, hazel and dark brown eyes.

Although most of the young Ukrainian girls are thin, with age these dames become curvier and, as Ukrainians say “juicier.”

Another advantage for dating Ukrainian girls is that they are not very tall and utterly fit. Maybe, that makes Westerners feel more confident and appreciate Ukrainian women’s beauty.

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2. Great taste in clothes

In spite of the fact that Ukrainian women appreciate their natural beauty, they never rely only on it. The first thing that you might notice about Ukrainian women is that they dress well.

And not merely well, but as though they are going to a fashion week event or so. Even if they are wearing casual, they try their best to decorate themselves with paraphernalia, bijouterie, and jewelry.

Moreover, trying to look good in the eyes of men, Ukrainian dames often wear high heels.

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3. Ability to emphasize benefits with makeup

It is expected that not 100% of Ukrainian women were born with no “beauty-standard” imperfections. How come they are still considered to be among the most attractive women on earth?

Women from Ukraine know how to emphasize their benefits and hide drawbacks. And they do in not only with clothes but also with makeup.

However, some ladies here might be so obsessed with cosmetics, that they would not leave their house without applying on their face a layer of foundation and painting their eyebrows black. Some girls here adore long fake eyelashes and artificial nails.

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4. Inner energy

The last thing that makes women in Kiev (Kyiv) and other cities in Ukraine charming is their inner energy. Lots of them are ambitious, wise, and the garments are not the only thing they pay attention to.

Without all these, Ukrainian ladies would be empty dolls. It’s the feminine power of Ukrainian belles that drives foreigners crazy.

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