What do Ukrainian women look like?


The charm of Ukrainian women is the stuff of legend. Somebody compares them to angels, whereas the others refer to them as fatal beauties.

So what do Ukrainian girls look like indeed? The answer is simple: they are diverse.

When you walk down the lanes of Kiev, you might think that the most typical Ukrainian belle is the one who is not very tall, thin and with brown hair. Partially, that is true – there are indeed lots of girls of this type in Ukraine.

But you have to understand that this land has much more to offer you than you may think. Ukrainians have a rich genotype, and no one can describe the image of a “standard” Ukrainian belle.

In general, most of the beautiful Ukrainian girls are thin or slim. They have beautiful smiles and curious eyes. Senior women can often boast with curves, however, not as impressive as those that women have in Brazil.

Before you jump to conclusions and start looking for your ideal Ukrainian woman, let’s look at most popular types of women in this country who usually register on online dating sites.

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1. Beauty Queens

These Ukrainian beauties usually look like they have enrolled in a beauty pageant. There blondes and brunettes who adore wearing long Aphrodite-like dresses, high heels, making Hollywood tresses and putting on a lot of shiny makeup.

Sure enough, they are naturally beautiful: they have straight fox-like noses, wide eyebrows, and slim body shape.

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2. Instagram Princesses

These Ukrainian ladies might be very similar to a previous category, but among them, you might find those with more non-standard beauty traits, like plump lips (sometimes injected), prominent nose, small height, skinny legs or curvy body.

These girls prefer modern beauty trends. They may dye their hair into different colors, use fake eyelashes and paint they eyebrows with a thick black pencil.

3. Hipsters

Ordinarily, these Ukrainian girls are not just slim, but skinny. They prefer revealing their tiny thin legs by wearing shorts, minis or tight leggings with no high heels at all – only sneakers.

They try to look naturally (apart from painting their lips into dark colors). However, if they decide to paint their hair, they will choose either grey or colored dyes.

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4. Righteous Belles

These Ukrainian women are the ones who are not shy about exposing to the world their nature-given beauty. They do not wear make up a lot, yet their beauty will be fluorescent thanks to inner energy.

They dress calmly and usually have long wavy hair. They rarely experiment and are more conservative in their looks.

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5. Grande Dames

In Ukraine women, 35+ can still be extremely attractive. They usually cut their hair shorter and dye it into blonde, brown or dark color – no woman in Ukraine of that age wants other people to see her grey hairs.

They do not wear a lot of makeup but try to emphasize their eyebrows and lips. Usually, such Ukrainian women are curvier than younger girls.

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