Make Your Dating Safe

A dating that starts online can move on and continue in real life. Now a lot of couples meet on the Internet, and that works out for them. Anyway, if you want to try this kind of relationships, there are a few things to remember. Ukraine Woman safe dating tips can help you avoid problems in any situation.

Step 1. Online

Don’t share your personal information

Don’t give phone or card numbers to the person you just knew - you can give some fraudster a nice key to rob or blackmail you. Be careful with what you share online, don’t post any personal contacts. The site’s administration asks for all the necessary information while you sign in. If there is anyone who wants your personal data, don’t be shy to report it.

Report the suspicious activity

If you see a strange behavior of some accounts, it's better to contact our customer support right away. It will take several minutes to check the person, and you will know for sure that you are safe - as well as many other potential victims.

Don’t send your money

If someone asks you for money online, this is most likely a fraud, so don’t do that. Dating sites provide you with a wide selection of communication options so that you don't need to send anything in person. Hence, use the services for any transactions or delivery of gifts.

Block the users

The majority of sites gives an opportunity to block the users who offend you, send some harassing content or ask for your money. Block them online and don’t forget to report it to the customer support.

Step 2. Offline

Later, when it is time for the first real-life date, you have other things to take care of. They are different but still important.

Meet in public

Choose a crowded place for the date where there are strangers around. You will feel more comfortable and have a chance to call for help just in case. Remote or private locations are not for the first real-life meeting.

Tell your close people the details

Warn your family and friends and explain to them where you are going, with whom and for how long. If something happens, they would know where to look for you. Don’t turn off the phone so you can call them anytime.

Don’t rush

Give yourself a chance to know your date first and don’t agree to meet right away. Maybe it is not the person that you need?

Don’t drink (too much)

Staying sober with a stranger is important as long as you don’t know their intentions. Try to avoid alcohol and don’t take the unknown remedies. It will raise your chances for a lucky date.


Besides the two steps of a dating site relationship, there is a thing to mind - it is your health. The community has to give you some warnings for the romantic meetings to pass alright.

Use protection

It is the simplest thing you can do to keep your health. Remember, sometimes it is easier to use one condom than to spend months curing a disease you got from the person you don’t even date anymore.

Tell the truth

If you suffer from a disease, tell it to your partner and ask them to be open with you too. It is in your interests for the further harmonical relationship.

Do the testing

As some of the STI’s don’t have noticeable symptoms, it is a good idea to do the regular testing and know your status. A big part of your relationship can depend on that.


If you have an emergency, call 911. If you need help and support, there are special services:

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Hotline

1-800-656-HOPE |

Planned Parenthood

1-800-230-7526 |

National Domestic Violence Hotline

1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224 |

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