Ukraine Women - myth and truth


Ukrainian women are one of the most beautiful on earth. And it is definitely not a myth. If you ever looked for a Ukrainian girl on dating platforms online or even visited Ukraine, you will admit it is true. However, there are still a lot of stereotypes about Ukrainian brides that distorts the real image. Let’s find out where is the truth and where is the myth about Ukrainian beauties.


Ukrainian girls are seeking rich foreigners

So here is the first most common myth you can hear. We don’t know how it emerged and we cannot assure you that you won’t come across some scammers, who want your money, but generally, Ukrainian ladies are like any other looking for romance and love. They value when men are gentle, kind and attentive. They dream of getting married and starting a family. And the reason they are dating foreign guys is that women outnumber men in Ukraine. Plus, foreign gentlemen often  have better character than Ukrainian men.

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Ukrainian ladies want to be housewives and expect the husband to earn money

You can meet different people and some of them may conform to the stereotype. However, most modern Ukrainian brides care about their education and career. They want to be independent and be able to satisfy their needs. In the same time, they expect men to earn more and support the family.

Ukrainian girls marry young

Even though in rural areas people still may get married in the early 20s, the situation changed in the cities. Due to opportunities that young people have and financial issues as well, it is considered normal not to think about marriage up to 25 years.

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Ukrainian beauties are patient and gentle

Ukrainian girls generally have a good character. They always respect their man and support him. For Ukrainian ladies, a man and a woman is an organic whole. They will care about you a lot if you are attentive and nice in turn as well.

Ukrainian ladies are the most beautiful in the world

Ukraine is among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of the beauty of its women. Ukrainian women always pay huge attention to their appearance and never allow themselves to look bad in front of people. They always dress up with taste and wear make-up.

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Ukrainian ladies speak several languages

Language barrier is a fear of many foreigners when they start thinking of dating abroad. However, Ukrainians from birth speak two languages: Ukrainian and Russian. At school, they always study English and sometimes either German, French or Spanish in addition. So you can be sure that your bride will be able to communicate with you.

So here are all the facts. Be careful and don’t let false stereotypes ruin your attitude to women.

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