5 Shortcuts to Start Speaking Ukrainian


Jumping headfirst into a relationship with a Ukrainian beauty might be a good idea, but only once you have learned the Ukrainian language, at least a bit. The thing is that even though Ukraine is a pro-European country, still not all its citizens speak English well, hence you might have problems communicating with your Ukrainian bride. Sure, top-notch dating sites will help you bridge the language barrier but it's only until you keep your relationship online. The rest will be on your own.

In case your Ukrainian bride speaks English well, you might think it is no use for you to learn the language which is spoken only in one country. Ukrainian girls are very patriotic so if you say at least a few words to her in her native language, she will melt away. So providing you want to succeed in charming Ukrainian woman, here are 5 shortcuts on how to start speaking Ukrainian fast.

1. Get a tutor

If you had to study Italian or, let's say, French, we could have told you to use a self-study book to master the language. But it's a different case when it comes to Ukrainian. Unfortunately, so far in Ukraine haven't been released many self-study Ukrainian language books or guidelines for foreigners, and as long as you might find it troublesome to learn on your own online (all the info is not structured there), it is better to be handed over to a professional.

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2. Learn only useful phrases, and not words

Ukrainian is a peculiar language. It is as tough as Russian and as melodious as Italian. However, you need to have the same attitude to learning it as to other languages. Linguists say there's no point in learning separate words in a language as long as it will be a passive type of learning. To enrich your active vocabulary, learn whole phrases. This will help you begin speaking faster. Moreover, focus only on phrases which will be useful for you in daily life, leave the rest alone.

3. Listen and read a lot

Perhaps, you are thinking that listening and reading have nothing to do with learning how to speak Ukrainian, but you are profoundly wrong, again. Listening can help you understand the essential pronunciation features of Ukrainian, while reading can help you remember vocabulary visually and understand the structure of sentences.

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4. Take some grammar classes

Unless you want to sound like Hollywood 90’s stars acting as Russian agents, don’t skip grammar. Without understanding how the Ukrainian language works, how its verbs are conjugated and how nouns are transformed from male to female, you won't be able to speak qualitatively.

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5. Practice, practice, practice

You may spend hours watching videos, reading in Ukrainian, or getting grammar skills, but you will never start speaking well unless you converse with a native speaker. Have you already got a Ukrainian bride? Talk with her – make voice or video calls and speak very little using what you have learned. Don't wait until you 'upgrade' to the upper level, start speaking here and now. If you haven't encountered a Ukrainian girl yet, search for her, speak with several bride candidates and head towards success!

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