Foreigners Guide: How to Avoid The Ukrainian Brides Scam


Ukraine is a popular destination for foreign men to find brides. Ukrainian women are known for their beauty, intelligence and good character, which makes them desirable wives for many men. Unfortunately, there is also the flip side of the coin - dating scams. Read here to find out how to spot them and avoid.

Types of scamming?

Fake accounts for money

Basically, scammers goal is to take as much money from you as possible. And they do it in different ways. The most common scenario is a fake account of a girl on a paid dating platform, where you have to pay for chatting. There you can come across a girl, who seems interested in you. She texts you, flirt and makes you stay on the platform, giving you hope for building relationships, but unfortunately, you won’t ever meet. Her goal is to make you stay and pay to the website and she gets also her money for it. She chats with a lot of guys like you at the same time and what she knows best is how to seduce and intrigue a partner.

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Real girl asking for money from you

The other type of scam can be the following. You meet a girl online in the Web, start chatting and seem to like each other. However, she asks you for money every time. Once she needed it to buy some medicine. The next time she asks if it doesn’t bother you to send her some money for her mom’s health problems. Then she can be upset, because she can’t afford shoes she loved, etc. If you sent her the money, you are a victim of the scamming, because most likely it’s all a lie.

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How to avoid scamming

Don’t send money

The first rule you have to remember is never sending money to anyone, whatever reasons they have. You don’t know the person and only chat with her online or make phone calls. But you haven’t seen her or her family and don’t have reasons to trust, actually. Moreover, a decent bride won’t ask for money from a stranger too, because she doesn’t want to owe something. So be careful here.

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Trust legitimate dating companies

As Ukraine is a developing country, the dating business here is still developing. There are a lot of agencies that say that they can match you with the perfect bride, but not all of them are trustworthy. What you can do is to read as many reviews on the agencies as possible to find out if they really work. Also if you met a person, make a research on her biography and ask as many questions as possible. Offer to contact each other through other means of communication, like social media or mobile phones.

Be careful and pay attention to the small details that can raise suspicion about the legitimacy of the agency or intentions of a bride. Don’t let a bad experience ruin your impression of Ukrainian brides.

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