Foreigners Guide: How to Make Money While in Ukraine


Your Ukrainian mail-order bride might invite you to stay in her hometown for a few weeks or months, and it will be a pleasure for you to come to Ukraine as a tourist. Its capital, the city of Kyiv (according to old spelling, Kiev), is a ton of fun – here you can find amusing tourist attractions and the best food – from Ukrainian to Indonesian cuisine.

But Ukraine is also a good place to make money. This will be very helpful for you if you decide to stay in Ukraine while looking for your Slavic bride and wooing Ukrainian girls around. Note that Ukraine is a very cheap country, so if you manage to earn a lot as a foreigner, you will live a superb life.

The monthly cost of living in Ukraine is around $400-$700 depending on what you spend the money on. If you live on the outskirts of the capital, you can rent a top-notch apartment for just $350. And don’t forget to budget your other expenses like on food, medicine, and entertainment.

Now, let’s look at money-making opportunities for you in Ukraine – obviously, you will want to earn more than you would spend in Kyiv.

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1. Start your own business in Ukraine

This is tough. It is a weak option if you are in Ukraine for a short period. This way will suck out of you both time and money, and your nerves won’t be stable any longer after all the bureaucratic pain that you will have to suffer from.

However, if you go through the circles of the hell of Ukrainian bureaucracy, you will be able to get thousands of dollars revenues here. And sure, if you decide to marry a Ukrainian girl and keep living here.

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2. Get a job in Ukraine

Yes, you can find a job in Ukraine just like any other human being. It is popular among foreigners in Ukraine to join various private language schools and teach English and hold speaking classes as native speakers (English, Spanish, French, German and others). If you have such experience that will be a bonus for you.

Ukrainian schools are glad to take any native speakers who speak correctly, who are communicative and can engage students in conversations. As a tutor, you might gain from $250 to $500 per month, so if you think that’s too little, consider the alternatives.

Remember, as long as Ukraine is a cheap country, salaries also are low here, so if you are a software engineering, you won’t get more than $500-$700 for a month if you work for a Ukrainian company. What to do?

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3. Become a freelancer

If you are a freelancer in Ukraine who is not calibrated to a 9-to-5 schedule, you are winning! You can work in IT, copywriting, designing, etc., but as long as you work for foreign companies and arrange your own business, you can make from $700 to $4,000 per month.

Such a job will permit you to do what you can and what you love and not depend on the Ukrainian currency but on a dollar or euro. It might be your typical salary somewhere else, but in Ukraine, where the minimum salary is just above $100, you will be a king. However, the taxes burden will also be on you.

Anyway, with freelancing, you will be able to save a lot to hit on Ukrainian girls or get a Ukrainian bride right there!

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