How to Date Safely in Ukraine


Ukraine is a top destination for men who are searching for both beautiful and intelligent women for dating. But as it is known, where tourists head (no matter what their aim is), those places are popular among fraudsters.

Even though there are wonderful women to date in Ukraine, you should keep an eye out as you may never know what the real intentions of a person are.

Here are the main things to be aware of before dating a Ukrainian woman.

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Take dating site with a grain of salt

There are thousands of online dating sites focusing on Ukrainian girls, but, unfortunately, not all of them are trustworthy. Usually, free dating sites have poor security, they are full of fake profiles, and there are no guarantees you will find there a genuine woman for dating.

So before you register on a Ukrainian online dating site, make sure you have read it’s policy and terms of use, and don’t be greedy to pay a few dollars per months to make sure your data is not transferred to third parties.

When trying to find a Ukrainian girl online, you should also ensure you don’t give her your payment data or unveil your place of living. Moreover, you need to learn how to distinguish fake girls’ profiles online from the real ones. The rule is simple – all that glitters is not a girl, so if it seems to be too good to be true – leave it alone.

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Finding a future Ukrainian wife in a club

All girls are different so you should not rely on this advice 100% and still be open-minded, but pay attention to one thing: there is little chance of finding a genuine potential wife in Ukrainian nightclubs. A one night stand – probably yes, but a woman ready for marriage – that’s not likely.

Also, there is a risk that if you try to hook up a Ukrainian girl in a nightclub or bar, someone will make you drunk and twist you around her finger.

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Stay away from gold-diggers

Once you decide to find a compatible woman in Ukraine, be careful so as not to fall into the hands of a gold-digger.

There is a misbelief that ALL girls in Ukraine have such a negative reputation, but the thing is that it’s mostly spread by men who try to find women in wrong places. If you try to look for a Ukrainian lady in theatres, at exhibitions, conferences, and excellent restaurants, you indeed might find somebody who you are looking for.

By the way, how should you spot a gold-digger? At first, it might seem confusing for you, but it is normal for a man to pay for a woman on first dates, taxi and buy her flowers. A Ukrainian woman will also expect presents for you, but unless she is a gold-digger, she will be eager to please the man back.

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