Impress Your Ukrainian Bride - the Difference Between Ukrainian and Russian Languages


The most unpleasant insult that you can make to your Ukrainian bride is not to distinguish her culture from other Slavic cultures. And most importantly, if you confuse Russian and Ukrainian language. So let’s see where the difference between them and why it is important to tell these things.

Top cultural mistakes you can make

Of course, not every girl you meet cares about her roots and culture. However, if you meet a Ukrainian bride, for whom it’s important, there are a couple of tricky mistakes that you can make not on purpose, but which may drive her away.

Don’t confuse the languages

Due to common and harsh history Ukraine and Russia share Russian language and almost every Ukrainian knows and speaks Russian. However, it doesn’t mean that it is their mother tongue and, moreover, that Russian and Ukrainian are the same.

Ukraine is a bilingual country. However, people born in Western Ukraine speak Ukrainian over Russian and girls from Eastern Ukraine do the opposite. If you meet the bride from the capital, you have a 50 percent chance that she is a Ukrainian or Russian speaking person.

In order not to mess things up, just ask her about her native language. You can also ask her about the differences between Russian and Ukrainian and, most likely, she will be happy to tell you about her culture.

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Don’t equal the languages

The common mistake that men can make is to equal the languages. For a foreigner, obviously, the sound can seem the same, but when you start learning the language you see that they have huge differences in vocabulary and grammar. Basically, it’s like comparing Polish to Czech or Spanish to Portuguese.

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How to impress your bride

Learn a couple of phrases

If you want to show your beloved partner that you are interested in her culture, you can start learning Ukrainian, at least some of the phrases. Plus, you can find out how to say “I love you” in both languages and you will see where the difference lies.

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Read about the cultural differences

Also, due to intense relations in the past years between Russia and Ukraine, people in Ukraine don’t like being compared to Russians. And if for a foreigner the difference between the two countries is slightly visible, for native people it is huge: from language to cuisine, from holidays to mentality.

Choose Ukrainian over Russian

If you want to surprise your girlfriend, better do it in the Ukrainian language. In that way, she will know that you tried to find out about her culture and will be pleased.

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Ask her questions

Ukrainians understand that not everyone knows about their country, the situation there and the cultural issues. So don’t be afraid to ask your Ukrainian bride to explain it all to you. You can be sure that she will be more than just pleased to do it. After all, you met her to find out a new culture for yourself and that is one way of getting to know it.

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