Where to Find a Ukrainian Woman to Marry


Westerners, who are eager to marry Ukrainian belles, often think that it’s enough for them to travel to Ukraine to encounter a compatible woman.

Well, lots of them travel. Lots of them even get acquainted with Ukrainian single ladies online, then come to Ukraine with high expectations, and then… Bam! Fiasco.

Why does this happen and where to find women to marry in Ukraine? Here are four suggestions for you.

A Piece of Advice

If you are already in Ukraine, don’t try to come up to women in the streets, trying to make small talk, e.g., by asking how to get to a specific place. Ukrainian girls are reluctant to make an acquaintance with people outside.

So it is better to meet Ukrainian women for marriage in closed spaces. Sure, you might go to clubs or lounge bars, but let’s be frank: you won’t find a Ukrainian wife there but a partner for a one night stand. Consider more conservative places in Ukraine for getting close to your Ukrainian bride. Let’s go!

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Cafes and pastry shops

One of the best places to find a potential Ukrainian wife is a café or a pastry shop. These places are usually packed with single belles who get out for chatting with their friends.

There gather calm girls who have positive intentions concerning marriage, and they do hope to find a guy somewhere like that.

Therefore, it won’t be difficult to find a lonely girl who is waiting for her interlocutor to come. All you will have to do is to ask her for sugar or a paper napkin – the conversation will go on well alone.

However, there are risks you might start talking to an already married or engaged lady. To be sure you don’t make a mistake – look at the girl’s right hand. In Ukraine, women wear rings particularly on that side. And a Ukrainian wife would unlikely take her wedding ring off. 

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Theaters and art exhibitions

Everything depends on your tastes. If you like theatre plays or art galleries, then it’s your chance to meet there a compatible charming Ukrainian bride.

And, once again, it won’t be difficult for you to make small talk there. In the theatre, you might offer her your help with the coat. Or ask a woman who is sitting next to you to explain the first act because you, as a foreigner, struggled to get everything.

When it comes to exhibitions, just come up to a woman who is curiously examining a piece of art and ask her something about that painting or a sculpture.

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Concerts and cinemas

Here you will find younger Ukrainian brides, who love drive activities, who are cinephiles or music fans – just like you. If you find a Ukrainian wife, you will for sure have a lot in common with her.

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Online dating sites

Before you travel to Ukraine, make sure you try out online dating. Coming to a country hoping to find the right person may end up being a fruitless idea, so register on a Ukrainian dating site where there are mostly the profiles of girls who have serious marital intentions.

Get to know the person better before you move to Ukraine to see her, and you will find your sweetheart.

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